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I AM ALL, that has ever been, I AM ALL, that will ever be...


Specialising in Transforming Human Trauma. She is a Mental & Emotional Health Consultant and a specialist in Personal Development. She supports her clients through the application of Transcendental Therapy, Self Mastery and Emotional Intelligence. Kiran is a pioneering educator on the Human Soul and the Human Life Journey!

She supports her clients by de-progamming their negative life experiences and transforming them into Positive Life Lessons. Thus developing Deeper Meaning to Life...FREEING YOU to focus on developing a powerful relationship with yourself, so you can discover your authentic gifts and capabilities, leading you to access the happiest version of your life and YOUR UNIQUE life purpose.

Kiran provides Spiritual, Mental and Emotional health support to business professionals and the general public alike. Her authentic and powerful perspective combined with her therapeutic expertise brings great clarity, relief, healing, emotional / mental support and awareness to the challenges of modern day life. She also supports her clients by providing understanding and awareness on energetic blockages which may be stopping you from fully accessing your chosen field of brilliance and moving forward towards business, financial, interpersonal, educational, relationship, social and ultimately life success.

This form of therapy works on a three phased supportive approach with the final phase being highly results orientated.

The three phases are...

Phase one - Investigation and exploration of your childhood

Phase two - Realisation of how your past experiences are affecting your present day personal and professional life

Phase three - Enlightenment, mastering and applying the transcendental tools

which support you to break free from your energetic blockages, self sabotaging / self destructive behaviour and suffering.

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Developing Self Mastery - How to Develop a Powerful Relationship with Yourself!

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

Cultivating Emotional & Mental Resilience

Life Transformation / Transcendence Techniques & Tools

Developing Deeper Meaning to Life

Self Empowerment

Cultivating Authenticity

Understanding Your Trauma and How to Heal From It

Finding the Best Emotional Relationship for Yourself

Self Regulation and Life Regulation

Eradicating Depression & Anxiety

Overcoming Fear & Procrastination

Eradicating Suicidal Thoughts

Managing the Human Experience and Burnout


Healing Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual & Sexual Abuse

Bereavement Therapy

Sound Therapy

Art Therapy

Energetic, Possession and Entity Attachment Removal

Absolving Dark Energy

Spiritual Awakening

Pranic & Timeline Healing

Personal & Professional Development

Mental & Emotional Health Support

Online & Face to Face Spiritual Counselling

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