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Albert Einstein - “The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience.”

"I have always observed two worlds, simaltaneously, the Conscious and Unconscious. This is a very special gift and skill I have been given, in order to support Humanity My purpose on this Earth is to undo your dysfunctional, mental, emotional & psychological programming.
To show you how to access your own inner power and become a master of your own destiny. You are your own saviou
r, you are your own guru". Kiran Shokar Essene

BA (Hons)English language and Spanish / Post Graduate Certification in Education (Diploma) (UK Qualified)

Sales and Supervisory Management Diploma / Performance Management Diploma

Soft Skills Training Instructional Designer (Australia Qualified) / Counselling Skills UK Accredited

(Currently Studying Naturopathic Tibetan Medicine)

Founder Purveyor of Truths

Trailblazing, logion, charismatic, Kiran is a consummate business professional, with over 35 years business development, solution, and sales strategy expertise. Kiran has worked as a business development executive throughout the UK, Europe, and Australia, across various Large multinational global organisations such as LVMH, Cannon, Mazda, Fujitsu, Sony, Saatchi & Saatchi, AMP, McAfee, Royals Royce, DLA Piper…to name but a few, predominantly in the professional services and corporate training/education sectors.

As a result, Kiran possess strong business acumen, strong entrepreneurial skills, and extensive business development expertise, from a sales and client management perspective. Powerful ‘needs’ based selling skills and highly attuned listening skills, allow her to position herself as a brand expert and trusted advisor whilst leveraging strong enduring business partnerships.

She is a creative individual with lateral thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Over time Kiran honed her authentic skills into powerful personal and professional business tools. She developed the invaluable ability to 'think outside the box' whilst pioneering and developing transformative, inspirational, enduring business growth strategy and powerful, life transforming, soft skills training programes.

At the age of 12 Kiran started working in her parents’ grocery store, she learned quickly how business functions and become hooked by this dynamic environment.

From a young age it was clear that Kiran was a very unique and powerful human being. She went through Spiritual Awakening when she was two years of age. These powerful and intense experiences continued throughout her formative years. At the age of 16 she was presented with her spiritual calling. In her early 30´s she began making the transition from BDE (Business Development Executive to Transcendental Therapist).

From the age of 17 Kiran started travelling alone and has lived in many countries. In her 30´s Kiran lived for three months in a tent in the Australian bushland in Queensland without any modern amenities. Now in her late 40´s approaching her 50´s she is a highly sought-after Transcendental Therapist Life / Business Coach / Personal & Professional Development Mentor, Soft Skills Facilitator/ Trainer and Instructional Designer. Specialising in Mindset & Emotional Intelligence Transformation, Authenticity, Self Mastery and Self-Empowerment.

She transforms her clients personal and professional lives through her insightful, unique, and powerful sessions. Her work is based upon 47 years of experiential research. She is currently writing a book on the powerful transcendental tools that she has pioneered, which are changing the lives of many people and many businesses around the world!


Kiran resides between the UK and the Canary Islands. In 2007 Kiran opened The Purveyor of Truths Consultancy. In 2023 she was offered to become a business partner within a UK based software development company. On the 18th of February 2024 LIGHTWORKSS.COM was launched a Mental and Emotional Health based Soft Skills Training Company.

"The 21st Century IS the ERA of Human Self Transformation and Human Self Transcendence" Kiran Shokar Essene

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