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12 Universal Laws Which Govern Your Life Testimonials

The first time I met Kiran I thought she was an angel, she was dressed in white and I could see her aura of golden light that surrounded her. She is such an amazing lady who has offered me so much, she has allowed me a safe space to learn more and be creative in my thinking. Kiran is a very powerful being, she knows you before you do. She has an insight I have never known before. Her energy is infectious and she makes me feel so alive. She has woken me up. She has created something so wonderful for all of us to experience so much so I decided I need to have one on one sessions to help me on my journey. Kiran is honest and open about everything.  She will not let you down. This journey starts with this wonderful woman who will guide you where you need to go. I am so grateful that she has chosen to teach all of us the 12 Universal laws. I feel empowered...


So far I have experienced six amazing weeks of learning all about me, whilst being sat in a room with four other people !!! I know amazing right ?


I know this is my journey, they are helping me along the way because even though our journeys are different we are all there for the same reason, we want to learn.

Every session is completely different, some emotional, some exciting, some happy and some sad but that is what this journey is all about, finding YOU!

Our experiences are extremely important and we need to learn how to make them benefit us. The six laws I have done so far have been extremely powerful and they have already changed my mindset, they have changed how I view myself, how I view other people around me. I have been suppressing anger for so long that I have turned that anger on to myself and I have been the abusive one in my relationship with me, I have been the one putting myself down and not accepting who I am. I am now learning not to do that.


There is so much more to learn and I am very excited to become the best I can be with the powerful noetic and spiritual knowledge Kiran is providing me...


This course is transforming my mindset and my actions for postivie and training me to constantly remember how I am a powerful energy who can achieve everything I want in this life. I am choosing to allow the creator to guide and flow through me.

Everything happens for a reason, so if you are reading this, this is where you need to be. You need to learn how to love yourself truly. I now look in the mirror and no longer dislike what I see, I appreciate me for who I am. I see things differently, like everything is brighter, I have woken up and stopped living on autopilot, I have sat and thought about my actions rather than blindly doing things and then dealing with the consequences after. I have become more aware of everything I do. I feel empowered and this is only week six, imagine what I will feel like on week 12! R.M




I knew I was ready for change, but what change I couldn’t say until I met Kiran Essene!

I am half way through a 12 week workshop/course called “ 12 Universal Laws Which Govern Your Life.”

Kiran is empathic, beyond supportive, teaching and spiritually guiding me throughout this journey and healing process. I am a work in progress, however WOW the transformation so far!!!

The process for me is deep, enlightening, energetic, painful at times but oh so rewarding!!!

I am finding inner peace and self-love after years of self-neglect emotionally and physically.

I am experiencing such a change in myself that I never knew was possible, I am changing my negative thoughts into positives, where once this was unthinkable, I have learnt “Thoughts are not Truth”, they are just thoughts, all due to the information and life transforming tools I am receiving from this course and from the one on one spiritual guidance I am getting from Kiran.

Kiran Essene provides a safe and protected environment in which to work.

I feel privileged to be part of not only my own transformation but that of the other wonderful participants in the group.


I am cultivating my new found life and self management tools, from the 12 universal laws and one on one guidance sessions... they not only provide me with constant support on my present journey, but these tools will be with me, to use, for the rest of my life... supporting me to be the best I can be. D.F

Each Law I have studied so far, has illustrated how we can transform our mindset and get our lives back on track, tapping into our higher consciousness. Through shadow work, I now appreciate that I have many layers of conditioning, which stems back to my early years at school, where my core beliefs were set at an extremely young age. Only now, 46 years on, am I actually questioning the grounds those core beliefs were founded upon? ……Was it based on fact or somebody else’s beliefs?.... The support and learning I have acquired from Kiran and the 12 Universal laws have helped me to actually feel and witness that I am consciously growing, as the layers start to peel away and my true self is waking up.

I’ve learnt that our feelings are our navigation tools and when we get it right, peace, love and calmness will follow. ‘The Law of  Perpetual Transmutation of Energy’ has been paramount in explaining why I am so greatly affected by what people say and how people act in my presence. I have realised that whilst we can not change others, we can change ourselves through self-mastery and hope that we can lead by example.

The Law of Cause and Effect’ and the ‘Law of Compensation’, reiterates that there is no such thing as a coincidence, everything happens for a reason and we have to experience negativity and positivity in order to learn, grow and gain balance in our lives. Appreciating that what we put out in the world, is what we get back in abundance, highlights the importance of always acting from a place of love.

I am looking forward to attending the remaining five of the ‘Universal Laws’ sessions to further assist me along the pathway of developing my consciousness. S.M


Kiran Essene is guiding me to be the best that I can be. Supporting me to become a Self Master. Applying her unique, noetic skills and inner wisdom with empathy. She has the amazing ability to guide you into realising who you are, where you have come from and where you want to be. She teaches you about the power of self-worthiness including self-love. Kiran supports you to realise exactly what is blocking you from moving forward with your life and helps you to recognise from within, where you want to be is achievable... through choice, intention and dedication. She will give you the power to take back your own power and then it's up to you how you use it.

This course is helping me to understand and recognise that I have the power to change what
I want in my life because only I hold the key to me. At Present I am in the process of deciding which changes I am going to implement into my life. I have realised that only I can do it.

I am starting to grasp the fact that the Universe is not picking on me or saying “I’m not
worthy” which is dictating what I received up until now. If I keep giving out negativity the Universe will merely scoops this up and give it back to me as I’ve sent it………. which means I have done this to myself. Kiran is supporting me to transform my mindset and take responsibility for my own thoughts, beliefs and actions.

I am now learning that if I send out positivity, then the Universe will send it back to me by
scooping up the positivity and presenting this to me in a positive way. I am looking to
challenge my own negative thoughts which is a challenge in itself I will admit... but I am
starting to break some very old habits of a lifetime...which is just fantastic!!! I want my life to resonate with an abundance of contentment, love, wealth, happiness and pure peace of mind.


If you are prepared to understand yourself from a deeper level, to begin living your life consciously, If you are ready to become a Self Master...then Kiran Essene may be the right Spiritual Teacher and Guide for you too! V.F

This course has come at an important and pivotal time for me. On a personal level, it has shown me that I cannot rely on anyone to rescue me, nor blame other people for my past. It is all about me and my life choices. I often wondered and also felt that the Law of Attraction was a ‘one size fits all’ and unless you fully understand the other Laws and/or you don’t feel you deserve abundance in all areas of your life, then things are simply not going to change. A feeling also that you put down the mantras in Law of Attraction and you sit back and remain passive. That is not how it works!

One really needs to take action and it all starts from within. I feel that I was energetically leading up to the course, as I had already been working with Kiran, so I had already slowly started to introduce routines, ie, eating better, better sleeping habits, keeping a journal, which I had learned through the powerful one on one sessions with Kiran. I’m still very much a work in progress as we all are, but the real mind blowing thing for me is:

1. I was sabotaging myself. A, because I didn’t think I deserved good things, that good fortune belongs to others.

2. That life truly is a mirror to what is going on inside, so working on your self first is key as nothing else will change otherwise.

Basically, I have found a new kind of reverence for these Laws and the Universe and my place in it.

I personally find it difficult to maintain a routine and keeping in a routine. This course has assisted me to be mindful of that and provided me with tools to help me keep going. An acute realisation that I have been sleepwalking most of my life.  I feel that is the most important realisation so far and that my life matters just as much as anyone else. We are essentially all plugged into the same power source.

Also, I have found it very helpful to have a What’s App group to share information and be part of a supportive group of people. Thank you so much Kiran for everything. C.M

The 12 Universal Laws  course was a huge success! interesting, fascinating & interactive. It rekindled my passion to "wake up"  to the truth of who we really are, without pandering to my spiritual ego. ie not making it an ego goal.


It also reinforced the importance of releasing shadow feelings with compassion for their true purpose - to enable us to experience that which we are not, although they appear to be so real, in order to experience the absolute joy & wonder of our true identity & only reality, at one with God & everything in the Universe.


Kiran's handling of the course was intuitive, challenging, humorous & inspirational. I look forward to the restart of the Spiritual Sharing Circle... Best wishes for the future. T.W

Kiran is an amazing person. She has developed this course to enable everyone to understand the 12 laws in everyday life so that we can fine tune our awareness, of not just who we are, but also how we affect the people around us and vice versa, and how to apply those laws in everyday situations. This is a highly functional and practical course. Kiran's teaching supports us to develop our own awareness which Kiran explains through each of the 12 universal laws, and also to delve deep in to our past, our life experience to explore patterns in our lives to discover our own spiritual awakening.


This is a very personalized course which is not only tailored to the group but amazingly to also me as the individual. Highly engaging and so enjoyable,  Kiran is the consummate professional able to keep the discussion on track with ease. She invites us to be creative and express through colour and drawing and painting some of the laws.

I highly recommend this course and Kiran's teaching as she supported everyone of us to become better people. She works with source energy showing us how to heal ourselves first and then how to heal each other.

By simply attending this course you are making a serious commitment to becoming spiritually aware. S.C

Pranic Healing & Time line Healing Testimonials...

I received Pranic healing sessions from Kiran, to get rid of the melancholia that had been lingering in me for so was the most wonderful experience, I felt peace and bliss, and even euphoric. I didn't want the session to end how nice it was. And after the session I could not stop smiling and it was like I had become lighter. The melancholia was gone and even after two weeks I still feel lighter and I'm overall feeling good and happy! D.H February 2022, Tenerife, Spain

My Pranic Healing Sessions with Kiran Have been amazing I have been carrying a lot of negativity from past relationships with family and ex partners and I wanted to be rid of this...I felt heavy, I couldn't think straight, felt down and lonely... afterwards I felt so lifted, carefree and energetic. The session was 3 hours and I must admit I didn't want it to end...Thanks Kiran S.J January 2022 Tenerife, Spain

The time line healing sessions that I took with Kiran have completely transformed my life! Through the sessions I was able to get rid of limiting thoughts and behaviours and also stagnant energy was transformed into positive, life enhancing and self empowering energy!!! And as result my mind is clear, focused and more importantly my mind is so much stronger. I am so very grateful for Kiran and her work! J.G November 2021 Tenerife, Spain

I'm so glad I met Kiran , I  look forward to our sessions and my life has improved so much since.

I feel I can talk to Kiran about absolutely anything, she doesn’t judge, she is so loving and understanding, I trust her completely.  Kiran has helped me with emotional issues and anxiety and is teaching me such valuable lessons which I am using on a daily basis and I can feel I am healing spiritually, something I never thought would be possible.

I have suffered from very heavy and painful menstruation for a long time, which has had such an effect on my daily life, work and social activities.  After having extremely invasive examinations and numerous scans I have been advised by my consultant my condition is mainly caused by a fibroid I have. The fibroid causes constant pain in my abdomen and I am conscious that it is there.   My consultant offered me a hysterectomy, painkillers and medication to stop the bleeding. I have found all three of these options unsuitable to me but have been forced to take the medication in order that I may continue to live a normal life.

I have had 2 healing sessions with Kiran, the first one was in December 2018 to concentrate on trying to reduce or completely get rid of the fibroid.  The healing session itself was very relaxing and Kiran did advise me I may feel some pain afterward, which I did, which did not last long at all. I can honestly say that since the healing session in Decemeber 2018, apart from the pain a couple of hours after the actual session, I have not felt any pain whatsoever, I can press on the area without feeling uncomfortable and I feel lifted of something.  I am due back at the hospital in June were I will hopefully undergo another scan and I will not be surprised if the fibroid has gone.

The second healing session I had was in January 2019, to address the heavy painful bleeding I was experiencing, the healing session again was very relaxing and comfortable and I trusted Kiran completely throughout.  I did not feel any pain during or after the session. A few days after the session I had my menstruation and did not feel any pain at all during this time. I usually feel a sharp excruciating pain on the second day which is so severe I cannot stand up straight without taking strong painkillers.  I did not feel any pain whatsoever.

I cannot thank Kiran enough for the immense change these healing sessions have made to my life. A.T UK 2019

I Suffered with depression for the most part pf my life. Upon meeting Kiran my life has changed. Kiran has supported me for just over a year now. She supported me to come off my depression medication slowly over a period of 6 months. This has changed my life. I can think, feel...I can be myself. I took a series of healing sessions over a period of 3 months these sessions also healed stomach issues and back problems. I no longer suffer with pain. I am eternally grateful to Kiran. She helped transform and change my life, she always goes above and beyond. Thank you so much Kiran. C.G. U.K 2017

Mindset & Life Transcendence Testimonials

The first time I met Kiran I knew my life was going to change dramatically for the better. Through her warm reassuring energy, incredibly insightful guidance and perception, along with honest impactful advice Kiran really has had a profound impact on my 'outer' and on my 'inner' world view.

On my path of self-discovery, I have met many life coaches, healers, spiritual guides and counsellors but I can honestly say, I have not met anyone like Kiran!

Kiran vibrates at a higher frequency to anyone else I have met and is very humble with it. She is operating from a place of palpable unconditional love and holds space effortlessly and with a beautiful balance of wisdom, kindness, and charisma. Thank you Kiran, thank you from my heart to yours. GW UK

I met Kiran at a stage in my life where I was really struggling with my business.  I have struggled a lot with self doubt, making the correct business decisions and finding clients, juggling a marriage, children and my company. I sometimes felt that I was going to explode, so much to do and never enough time. Kiran Helped me like no other person through a very difficult business transition. I could never have done it without you Kiran. Truly you are an inspirational woman, I really believe that you were sent by a higher power to help humanity, because I witnessed it first hand. Everything that you taught me I apply every day and smile thinking of you. Thank you so much. M.A.I  October 2023

I saw kiran at a networking event in Tenerife, She blew me away! What an amazing, kind, caring and powerful woman. I am a Digital Nomad I noticed that I have a lot of issues with developing friendships and relationships, working as a Digital Nomad has allowed me to mask this, which has not been a wise idea. I have worked with Kiran for the past 3 months and in such a short amount of time she has changed my life. I am more comfortable in myself, I feel confident now when I go out and meet people, I´m not pretending anymore that I am happy when inside I was not. I´m going to continue working with Kiran because I have received so many benefits, its also impacted my work and I now get a lot more work completed throughout the day. Thanks Kiran I really appreciate you! A.D.E Gran Canaria, May 2023

I have worked with Kiran for the past year, When I met Kiran I was in a very bad place, I was tanked up with anti-depressants I couldn´t think straight, me and my life were a mess. I hadn´t worked in years, I was loosing hope fast...Kiran was the only professional who took time to understand what I was experiencing, no doctor, psychologist, nurse, school teacher, support worker, no one but Kiran cared. I´m now self employed, off the meds, fully functioning, and loving my life, I have even found love.  The greatest thing she taught me is that I am here on this Earth to learn, and that there is always a solution to my problems. She taught me that I am NOT broken, but need to learn how to access my own inner power and that is what she taught me I have never felt so self empowered. There are no words to express what I feel for Kiran, She is a God send if more people were like her the world would be an amazing place. I love you Kiran you are simply the best! K. M La Gomera, Canary Islands April 2023

This year I met an amazing person called Kiran Shokar Essene. Wow what a wonderful intelligent and charismatic woman. I had been single for 10 years and well I was in not a good place. I met Kiran in the Canary Islands at a networking dinner. She helped me to find a beautiful relationship with an amazing woman. I did her 12 week course and it changed my life. Thank you a million times You are wonderful K. U F  March 2023


I am very thankful for finding Kiran, what an amazing woman! I completed 9 months (weekly sessions) of Emotional Support in terms of learning what are emotions, what is their purpose, and how to apply them correctly. I am a high achiever and a CEO of a global company and I am very mind based, as a result I found that my personal relationships were suffering immensely, my wife left me, it was my second marriage, on both occasions my lack of emotional understanding caused huge problems and pain for my partners and for me too. Kiran thank you so much, you are inspiring and I look forward to you delivering some workshops for my employees too!!! I´m so excited to have you onboard our management team!!!! H.W.I UK Jan 2023

I have just finished taking Emotional and Mindset Transformation Sessions with Kiran. When I started I felt highly suicidal and just wanted to die and saw that as my only option in life. Today I came to terms with my suicidal thoughts and realised, that is one option over many.

I learned that there was a coping mechanism I had adopted as a child that no longer worked in later adult hood. In extreme life challenges, a two feet first, burn your bridges approach to life simply cannot address the compromises one has to make. That approach also means you do not notice a lot of the happenings around you, which tend to be evidence as repeated cycles over life. You have to learn from them, make wise decisions, and not repeat.

The most powerful lessons that I learned about myself is to recognise that my career focus was a compensating factor for emotional and social skills that I had not properly developed at an early age.

I learned that there is a natural energy, developed through every experience in life from conception supporting you to become a powerful and conscious human being and that feelings of anxiety and distress are red flags to be explored and not ignored,  to warn you that you are deviating from life´s true direction.

Last, but not least, I learned that thoughts, vocabulary, actions and what you say verbally really impact how your life will manifest: I was socialised and pre-conditioned to focus on the worst outcome and by "constantly thinking negatively" and " constantly talking negatively"  I was more likely to create negative experiences (If that is what I constantly focus on)!!! 

Kiran is passionate and completely dedicated to helping her client develop the skill, tools, and understanding to find their true self and maximise their opportunity in life. Now instead of wanting to die I am actively exploring new modalities of healing. Thank you Kiran WPJ, UK 2022



I am currently getting ADHD and Anxiety support from Kiran...I must admit I am very grateful for finding this wonderful woman. I tried mainstream psychotherapy and it didn't really help. Kiran is such a loving and caring person and she gives me really helpful practical tools to help me re-frame my thoughts, we also do some Art Therapy too, to manage my adult ADHD and Anxiety, So happy I found you!!! B.P Tenerife, Spain 2022

Kiran has been supporting me for the past year with depression and anxiety three months ago I decided I wanted to come off my depression medication and with Kiran’s support I have now almost finished my meds. I am feeling so much better, and I’m really proud of myself because it’s been a long journey - Kiran was the only one who really took time to understand what was happening to me and she has helped like no other therapist, I feel so lucky to have found her. Thanks Kiran so much, Don’t know what I would have done without you.

M.L July Tenerife, Spain 2022


Kiran, you are a truly inspirational teacher.  You have brought the best out of me. I cannot thank you enough for sharing the tools and knowledge necessary to help me understand who I am, what my traits are and what it is to be human.  Over the years, as you know, I have received traditional and spiritual counselling when I’ve needed help, but those methods have given me only temporary healing. I can honestly say that you have healed me long term.  You are simply the best.  You have provided me with an amazing tool kit that helps me navigate the ups and downs of life daily without having to use crutches.  I love the way your teaching has inspired me to live life consciously.  For the first time in my life I’m also appreciating what self-love actually means.  If you don’t know how to love yourself, how can you give or show love to anyone or anything else properly?  Life is all about viewing and appreciating things from different perspectives.  I no longer worry about things that I can’t change and things that don’t serve me. I feel so much lighter and happier. I have also cultivated an inner peace. I am my own boss.  I have learnt how to challenge my mindset so that I can make more discerning judgements and decisions that best serve me, first and foremost.  Having learnt this skill, everything else falls into place. I am so proud of my achievements.  I am empowered. Knowing how my thoughts, words and actions are making such a positive difference to the way I and others around me live just makes me happy and I feel very loved. I’ve come out of the tunnel smiling, knowing who I am and where I fit in.   Life is one big school… big learning curve. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! F.F UK 2022

In June I started receiving mental resilience support from Kiran Essene. I was lead to her after having tried mainstream counselling, which didn't work for me. After the first session, right from the start I began to feel better, because Kiranshowed me what was happening in my life and why! Being shown the 'why' really, really helped me so much! She then showed me how to begin transforming my mindset and my life. WOW!!!! Kiran is not like other counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists. She shows you what is happening in your life and why it is happening. The sessions gave me answers I had been looking for so long, and answers that other practitioners could not provide. The scientific and medical answers were not supporting me to heal and rid myself of my depression. Kiran is the only practitioner I came across who provided me with the answers and tools I wanted to support myself. Everything she showed and continues to show me has changed my life!!! I highly recommend Kiran...she is amazing! UK 2022

If you want answers Kiran is your person! I have suffered with depression for many years which got worse last year because of covid. I found Kiran online and I thought I would give her a try. That was the best decision I ever made. This special woman showed me where my depression was coming from, how it had been generated and what was keeping me in it. I have been working with Kiran since July 2020 and I am continue to see her. In all honesty her support has kept me alive. Thank you kiran. I love you. S.J Tenerife, Spain 2021

I work as a Nurse in the NHS...At the beginning of last year (2019) I began receiving mental and emotional support from a gifted and pioneering Spiritual teacher, Kiran Essene. I spent 6 months finding my way out of the emotional mess I was in and healing the wounds I had been carrying for around 30 years. I was lost when I met Kiran, she was a gift who guided me to look at myself and gave me the tools to heal my wounds. I spent a lot of my life bouncing back and forth between anger and sadness. I was exhausted feeling this way and really didn’t know who I was. As a result of my sessions with Kiran, I found balance and happiness in my life. My relationships with loved ones are much more loving and supportive. I am more patient, present and have a huge appreciation for my family. I continue to use the tools and guidance Kiran Essene gave to me, I continue to improve my life. She helped me transform my life and those around me for the better. I will be eternally grateful for this ‘Angel’ who came to me. She will truly hold a special place in my heart. Z.C UK 2020

I cannot thank Kiran enough for sharing the self empowerment tools and knowledge necessary to help me understand who I am and what it is to be human. I have become so much more conscious about what is happening around me. I am my own boss. I have learnt how to challenge my mindset so that I can make more discerning judgements and decisions. I have been shown how my thoughts, words and actions can make such a positive difference to the way I and others around me live and behave. I feel hugely empowered. With a positive mindset, anything is possible. I am unravelling my true self and finding a confidence and voice that I never thought was in me. Over the years I have sought traditional and spiritual counselling but I would honestly say that none of them come close to Kiran’s courses or 1 on 1 sessions. F.A UK 2021


Kiran has helped me through mental and emotional wellness support, to gain a basis of understanding about how I have been living my day to day life completely unaware of the conditioning that was dictating my everyday thoughts, decisions and actions. She has shown me that in order to really change and gain understanding to my life I have to learn how to unpick my story and understand it. By unpicking my story through Kiran’s help and applying the transformational tools she has created, this process allows you to piece together how you created the life you live now, but also how you can create a new existence! One based on making decisions that work for your benefit, with the true know how to understand yourself!

I am drawn to Kiran and her teaching because I feel she holds you accountable and she can unpick the conditioning and open up your awareness to living life in a better way – in a way that guides you to living a life of joy and happiness without relying on anyone or anything to provide this for you. - Self Mastery! Many thanks Kiran for the help and support as you continue to spread and share your invaluable teachings. L.P UK 2021

The first time I walked into Kiran’s meeting space (April 2019), was to attend a spiritual sharing circle and I can honestly say I immediately felt immense warmth and empathy.

Kiran Essene is an inspiration, the equanimity mind set I am endeavouring to achieve, is clearly apparent in Kiran, she is a true angel and I feel so lucky to have found her. Kiran knows me better than I know myself, her guidance, mentoring, mental and emotional health support has already helped me in many aspects of my life. She has identified and helped me to understand the reasons I have held myself back in life.

​I have attended many of Kiran’s different group sessions including; Spiritual Sharing Circles, One to One spiritual development sessions, ‘Twelve universal Laws’ study groups and a variety of individual workshops. Each resource is helping me on so many levels.  

Each group session I have attended includes wonderful, like minded people. Such empathy and support often brings a tear to my eye, in a good way…. The way you know you are in the presence of people who understand the real you and accept you for who you are and allow you to ‘Just be’.

Imagine equanimity, complete peacefulness and calm, no matter what comes our way. Using self-mastery techniques acquired through one to one coaching with Kiran Essene and more recently from the ‘12 Universal Law’ sessions, I feel that I am on the way to being my true self.

Thank you Kiran for being in our lives. S.M UK 2021


Kiran is such an amazing mental and emotional wellness practitioner /spiritual guide. Since my one to one sessions started with Kiran I have gained so much clarity in my life, she has taught me many ways to help me achieve self-mastery and self-empowerment. Although still a long way to go, I feel I have achieved so much already. In my sessions, Kiran has the ability to uncover different layers of my being and conditioning, that I personally thought I was aware of, but turns out I wasn't really, she has the ability to uncover 'deep core roots' of self-sabotaging behaviour, its amazing how she does this. Her teachings have helped me with my relationships, procrastination, trusting and recognizing my intuition, and have supported me to search inside myself for answers instead of looking externally, and furthermore to not be afraid of my emotions as this is something I struggle with. I have high regard for Kiran as a deeply knowledgeable and inspirational teacher and recommend her for those who wish to follow a more spiritual journey in life and connect to source energy. TJB UK 2021

Kiran is very passionate about, Mental Resilience, Noetic Science, Energy, Spirituality and Oneness. She is excellent in group work and one to one sessions. She works with source energy and speaks from the heart. She believes passionately in helping people and making the world a better place. I fully recommend Kiran, as she is a gifted person, and wants to bring healing and meaning to life, and she is very knowledgeable in answering questions to provide more clarity. She varies her sessions and provides discussion on a wide range of topics relating to Spirituality. 

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Kiran. SC UK 2020

As soon as I met Kiran I could feel her amazing energy. First thing you notice is how warm and caring Kiran is. She has created a warm and comfortable atmosphere which makes you feel at ease straight away. In the past conventional counselling has not worked for me. Meeting Kiran changed my feelings towards this, because, though she applies 'counselling skills' what's different about how Kiran works, is that she offers unbiased 'guidance'.  She listens and guides you to see the answers you are searching for. She has provided me the tools to change my life. Kiran has helped me begin my spiritual journey. I feel so blessed to have her guiding me through the difficulties of life and towards an enlightened out look on life.

I really can’t thank you enough Kiran! C.C UK 2020

"Kiran is an amazing, compassionate, skilful mental and emotional wellness support and spiritual teacher. I met her initially through her group sessions, and immediately knew I had to spend some time one-to-one. In the 3 weeks since first meeting Kiran, my life has changed beyond recognition. It would be impossible to describe in a few sentences, the effect it has had on my life in so many positive ways.  I can say, the changes came so fast, after years of stagnation. I am lucky & honoured to have found someone with such great insight, understanding & spirituality". A .C UK 2020

"Kiran has supported my spiritual awakening journey through mental and emotional wellness support for the past three months...what can I say she is unlike any other human being I have ever met. Upon meeting Kiran I felt a strong connection with her. She is a very loving and caring person. She has helped me to rid myself of my conditioned way of thinking and acting. She has helped to completely transform my life. Kiran is not like other counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists...She actively shows you how to change/transform and gives you practical tools to be able to do this. I can't thank you enough Kiran you truly are an amazing human being".  A. K. S UK 2020

"Kiran is a warm, compassionate and grounded lady who is supporting me through a very traumatic period in my life. She is not only supporting me with physical and emotional challenges but wellness related ones too. I hardly recognise myself. In less than 6 months I have lost weight, I am honouring my worth and finally see my life path in front of me.

I can thoroughly recommend Kiran. She is professional, loving and goes above and beyond her role. It truly is a holistic experience and although the work is hard. Facing up to and challenging outmoded beliefs and negative thought patterns, I can truly say I look forward to each and every session". C. M. UK 2020

I would like to thank Kiran for her mental and emotional guidance and support on my spiritual journey. Its only been a month since I started receiving support from Kiran on a one-on-one basis and also started attending the 'spiritual sharing circles' group sessions that she provides and in this short amount of time I can see such a difference in my life, for the better. Kiran is reliable, passionate and knowledgeable, she is an expert on what she does and this makes me feel comfortable during our sessions and group meetings. Furthermore, I find Kiran to be very inspirational and motivating which supports me to continue on my spiritual journey. I am glad that I have the opportunity to have Kiran as my spiritual guide and have access to the invaluable support that she provides.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to continuing on this spiritual journey.

AA UK 2019

I came to Kiran in what I would call a bit of a muddle - getting myself into an emotional knot in many different scenarios and not really knowing how to understand and deal with my own emotions. Having used some other traditional routes such as CBT and Counselling, as well as some alternative practices such as yoga, meditation and tantra, I was drawn to Kiran due to her spiritual approach to mental and emotional wellness. Kiran has a wonderful way about her and I found it very easy to be comfortable with her almost instantly. Kiran has helped me to understand a lot of things about myself over a very short space of time and given me some really useful practical things to take forward in my life. Kiran is very intuitive the suggestions she came up with made me think- yes, what a great idea!

TB UK 2019

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