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Supporting & working with Practitioners

Kiran is working with many business people, entrepreneurs, life coaches, holistic practitioners, yoga teachers, mainstream medical personnel, physical trainers, etc... People who serve the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and sexual welfare of humanity.

Those of you who provide these life transforming services to others, often time have neglected your own mental and emotional wellness and have become preoccupied with helping others and forget yourself or have never really focused upon your own health in the first place. It can be very easily done!


Everything in this human reality starts with the 'self'. Many practitioners are not aware of these ancient concepts which are witnessing a resurgence as we approach the 'Golden Age' of humanity.

We cannot help healing others when we ourselves do not know or are not cultivating a healing from within ourselves.


Kiran provides group and one on one sessions supporting practitioners to become 'the change the want to see in others' supporting them to be conscious and aware of their own mindset, thoughts, behaviours and actions.


She focuses on a variety of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual topics...allowing practitioners to work on 'Self-Healing' which in turn enhances the support you provide your clients, resulting in abundance in all areas of your own life and in the lives of your clients.

Connect with Kiran Shokar Essene

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