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Service Description

Many People Feel Alone... This is a 4 hour workshop where I will teach you how and why this is happening and what you can do to stop feeling this way. Here are the topics we will look at: How this reality functions from an energetic perspective? How your mindset affects your perception? How your perception affects your behaviour and reality? Why do you feel loney? Outer world v Inner World? How to eradicate feelings of loneliness? This is a practical workshop In order to change your reality you have to take ACTION I will show HOW TO CHANGE your reality but only YOU can implemt that change. ARE YOU READY TO TRANSFORM? YES? THEN YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE WELCOME! ©WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE - Kiran Shokar Essene ***YOU WILL NEED AN A4 WRITING PAD AND PEN*** Make sure you've eaten before the workshop keep some water, tea with you to keep hydrated TURN UP WITH AN OPEN MIND & OPEN HEART!

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Tenerife, Spain

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